Clinical Periodontology: basic level

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The Clinical Periodontology: basic level course covers all the fundamental topics of periodontal discipline. It starts with Diagnosis using the new classification of periodontal diseases introduced in 2018, and goes on to cover all aspects of non-surgical and surgical clinical periodontal therapy. Over the past few years, there have been many advancements that have enriched periodontology from both scientific and clinical-therapeutic perspectives.

Today, periodontists have access to shared and approved therapeutic guidelines, the application of which can significantly improve the quality of life related to the oral health status of patients. Participants will be guided through a training journey that enables them to formulate accurate diagnoses, assign precise prognoses, and develop appropriate treatment plans in line with the goals of periodontal therapy.

With the completion of active patient therapy, the challenge of maintaining results in the years to come begins. Therefore, particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of supportive periodontal therapy. Controlling periodontitis, a disease associated with severe systemic conditions, through the reduction of inflammatory burden in patients, improves both the quality of life and life expectancy of the patient. It becomes essential to establish proper pathways for diagnosis and treatment of periodontal patients within a dental practice. From the importance of early diagnosis of milder cases of the disease to the periodontal and prosthetic management of advanced

multidisciplinary stage 4 cases, nothing will be overlooked. The speaker, with the valuable collaboration of other team members dedicated to the care of periodontal patients, aims to convey a scientifically sound and proven working method based on over 20 years of clinical periodontal practice.


The course is aimed at colleagues who wish to learn everything necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, with the goal of preserving patients’ natural dentition. It focuses not only on periodontal defects but also, and above all, on the holistic care of the patient.

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