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Immediacy and delayed implant concepts in the anterior region

Implant placement in the esthetic zone remains always a challenging clinical procedure requiring clinical skills and meticulous planning. “Maintain or recreate the volume” has always been a dilemma for the clinician the last decades affecting the treatment choice and often the clinical outcome. Immediate implants seem to gain again more trust since better hardware and software are being used.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide simple clinical concepts to ensure stable transmucosal contours with high white and pink esthetic scores regardless of implant placement timing. Starting with the proper implant macro-geometry and guided implant placement, understanding the importance of the abutment design and the different zones of the transmucosal contour, the participants will be able to master step by step simple clinical procedures to achieve better long-term esthetic outcomes.


Designing the full mouth implant rehabilitation – from FP1 to FP3”

Treatment planning with implants in full arch edentulous cases is always challenging in implant dentistry. Although prosthetically driven implant placement started being implemented the last 2 decades, implant placement became more accurate with the use of Digital technology and guided implant surgery.

The advancements of materials like Zirconia, CAD software’s, face scanners and CAM procedures have simplified the treatment workflow resulting in more predictable results with significantly less complications. 

This presentation will focus on the treatment methodology of terminal dentition and edentulous cases with implants. Alignment procedures, CAD design, surgical and prosthetic guide stents and clinical procedures will be presented step by step. Furthermore, different options of the final restoration will be discussed in terms of CAM design and material choice.

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