Guided Esthetic Treatment App by Fradeani Education

GETApp Fradeani

The Guided Esthetic Treatment App is an easy and intuitive tool,
which aim is to guide the clinician in the esthetic and functional rehabilitation,
leading him/her step-by-step in all the phases of the prosthetic treatment plan.

More than 650 dentists all over the world are enthusiastic about how their work improved.

Available only for iPad


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It is said that:

“Before using the App the situation was a disaster: the best-case scenario was a printed checklist, on which I wrote every detail, and when this was not the case I would only be able to send the dental lab very little data on the treatment. This incongruence in communication influenced negatively the quality of the prosthetic work”

Dr. Shelly Cohen


“I use the App as an ultimate test for the treatment of clinical cases. It provides me a means to arrive to the best solution possible in the most correct way”

Dr. Ilia Roussou


“GETApp is used by me as well as by my associate prosthodontists and orthodontists. We are presently introducing a software for the orthodontic analysis, and the integration with GETApp will be crucial as it will allow our associate orthodontists to start using the App autonomously”

Dr. Piero Venezia


“I have completed 40 complex cases, some of which are cases of removable prosthesis. All of these cases have been archived”

Dr. Diogo Bezerra


“The App provides all the parameters for the definition of a correct treatment plan”

Dr. Giorgio Cannistraro


“This App fulfilled my need for a guide to a complete data collection and an effective treatment planning”

Dr. Federico Emiliani



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Read the F.A.Q. below to discover how the subscription works.



GETApp Fradeani is available only for iPad.

Type Fradeani directly on the App Store through your iPad, or just click on this button:


How much does GETAPP cost?

GETApp has a one-time cost of $150,00.

Is the activation of the monthly subscription necessary in order to use GETApp?


The subscription adds to GETApp the possibility of:

  1. Saving pictures and videos taken with GETApp on a server, thus allowing the dental laboratory to have full access to them in any time through the PDF file generated by the app.
  2. Modifying the case even after finalization.
  3. Accessing the saved cases on different iPad devices through your GETApp account.

How much does the subscription cost?

There are three types of subscription:

  1. 1 month – € 33,99
  2. 3 months – € 28,66/month
  3. 1 year – € 22,92/month

Where can I find a guide on GETApp?

On our Youtube channel ‘Fradeani Education’, there are various videos by Dr. Mauro Fradeani guiding you on the correct use of GETApp.

Moreover, on every step of GETApp you will find a “red button” giving you access in any moment to detailed explanations and suggestions by Dr. Mauro Fradeani. By tapping on the question mark button you will view all the actions possible in each step.

How can I view the PDFs created by GETApp?

The best solution in order to open the PDFs is to use the application Adobe Reader, which is free to download on the App Store.

On which devices can I use GETApp?

GETApp is developed exclusively for iPad.

Must the dental lab download GETApp to have access to the case sent by the clinician?

No. At the end of the procedure GETApp will create a PDF file with the ideal treatment plan. The dental lab will only need a PDF reader (we suggest Adobe Acrobat) in order to have full access to the case. A PDF reader is usually already present on every computer (PC or Mac).